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Cyrk wędrowny

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Na becie pojawił się cyrk w sektorze z miastem widmo.  Prawdziwy cyrk wędrowny ma być wprowadzony w aktualizacji 2.05.



Podobno ma to być w każdym sektorze zaczynając od tego z miastem widmo.


Tak wygląda ten obiekt na mapie.


„Tonight we will activate one of the first major features from 2.05: the Travelling Fair. Once constructed, the Fair allows all players in the world to access wheel of fortune style minigames for the next seven days, from anywhere on the map.

The Travelling Fair starts in the top left county, where it must be constructed. Additionally, before the Fair can begin, it requires ten randomly selected products and another ten low level products. The amount of each required is determined by the amount of recently active users. Donating products or constructing the Fair provides a small payment of bonds. A „trickle” of products ensures the Fair is eventually completed.

Like the Easter Showdown, the constructed Fair can be accessed from anywhere. There are four minigames available, one per day, that offer the same possible rewards. Winnings are transferred to your inventory immediately. It is possible to play more than once by using bonds or nuggets, however no option is provided to pay for a higher reward tier. Therefore, with the exception of the new fair set, it will not be so lucrative to play endlessly. A week after opening, the Fair will move to the next county and require reconstruction.”

Źródło: http://forum.beta.the-west.net/showthread.php?t=2127


Autor: Mateusz98

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